40.000 USD winner ad that we produced

Did I ever mentioned about the ad that we managed to produce in Turkey and won 50.000 Turkish Liras (Approximately 40.000 USD at the time of winning) Infact I played a major role in the making of the film although I didn’t starred in it, but the backstage ‘making of’.

The challenge was arranged by a career site ( www.yenibiris.com ) of leading media group of Turkiye ( Dogan Holding ) The goal was to shot an ad for yenibiris.com, upload it in sendeyolla.com, promote it so that it becomes the most viewed video. We managed to make 800.000 people watch our movie. Thats almost a million in a month!

Of course, that was quite a long and exciting story for us, the competition, frustration when we were behind and fear of being beaten by ads that not even match our quality of hard work of endless nights.

After a challenging and breath taking month of adventure, we become first amongst a bulk of 300 videos. We went to Istanbul for our prize ceromony that took place in Hurriyet Media Towers and had been covered there days in a row in leading newspaper of Turkiye, Hurriyet.

Ok, enough chatter. We earned grand prize of 40.000 USD in one of the first Internet marketing challenges in Turkey and also received the nominees ‘Best ad’ award.